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Bonded Warehouse Management

  • Bonded Warehouse module can be operated with Warehouse module  in integrity
  • Follow-up of goods entry and exit on the basis of  Bonded Warehouse book number
  • Bonded Warehouse location tracking
  • Preparation of loading, unloading, storage and  distribution tariffs on a customer and goods basis
  • Automatic invoicing based on tariff
  • Preliminary price calculation
  • Printing of labels for goods entry and exit
  • Transfer of the goods from the bonded warehouse to warehouse
  • integration with  customs declarations, land, sea, air and railway transport modules
  • Official Bonded  Warehouse book printing
  • Reports on the basis of customers, goods, customs declarations etc.
  • Automatic bonded warehouse entry, exit and location control operations *
  • It is in full compliance with the Annex-83 legislation.


* With hand terminal module 

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