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International Land Transportation

Operations that can be performed by International Land Transportation;

  • Reservation follow-up
  • Preparation and follow-up of contracts and proposals for shippers and customers.
  • Cargo follow-up (position-based)
  • Transport Planning
  • Group transport
  • Trip follow-up
  • Quick preparation of a trip according to cargo and reservation details.
  • Preparation of CMR, FBL, Shipping Instruction, notice and other land transportation documents.
  • Entering costs based on trip, cargo, position and profit & lost follow up  
  • Entry of Purchase and Sales service prices on Cargo and Planning (Position) basis and preparation of any relevant invoices, arrangement of debit credit receipts.
  • Preparation of Activity Report.
  • Situation report of project status in transportation.
  • Monitoring of cargo status, processes and events.
  • Reservation Information Form.
  • Preparation of reports and statistical data for the goods shipped between any required dates according to various criteria.
  • Integration with Customs Clearance and Summary Declaration Modules.
  • Scanning of original documents such as CMR, TIR Carnet, Invoice, etc., associating such documents to cargo or position and archiving in electronic medium (*)
  • Associating e-documents for the relevant goods to cargo and archiving them in electronic medium (Word, Excel, image, email, etc.) (*)

 * with E-archive module

Documents Printed

  • Proposal to Customer
  • Contract with Forwarding Agent
  • Contract with Customer
  • Bill of Lading Instructions
  • Pre-Shipping Advice
  • Shipping Advice / Departure Notice
  • POD / Arrival Notice 
  • CMR 
  • AVIS 
  • Shipping Instruction 
  • Printing of Draft Invoice 
  • Logistic Sales Invoice 
  • Cargo Profit & Loss Form 
  • Cargo Cost Form 
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