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Marketing and Sales Management

This module works integrated with all operational modules for carriers / agents, freight forwarders and enables users to give offers, follow up sales and purchase tariffs and perform other sales and marketing activities. 

  • Follow-up of prices of any received services (etc. logistic, bonded warehouse, warehouse and other services)
  • Preparation of overall tariff for any provided services (etc. logistic, bonded warehouse, warehouse and other services)
  • Preparation of proposals for any provided services
  • Follow-up of any submitted offers
  • Follow-up of interviews with applicants and potential customers (visits, calls, email messages, etc.) and reminders of these interviews at the due dates
  • Reporting and keeping records of personal information of all customers (birth dates, anniversaries, numbers and names of children, etc.)
  • Preparation of a general email messages for customer groups identified for any cases and events such as address changes, campaigns, holidays, celebrations, etc., and printing of labels
  • Recording of locations where any prospective customers will carry out any transportation activities and reporting of prospective customers who ship the goods between such designated locations
  • Generating ship line services and price tariff
  • By entering warning codes to customer cards, informing instantly the sales, operation and accounting employees who carry out any procedures about that customer
  • Assignment of payment terms and payment forms for customers according to transport means and type of currencies
  • Archiving of any delivered and received proposals, relevant email messages and e-documents (Word, Excel, image, etc.) in electronic environment. (*)
  • Preparation of customer tariffs for automatic pricing from any accepted proposals
  • Obtaining of performance reports as a Customer and Sales representative


* with E-archive module




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