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Port and Transit Ship Agency

  • The ability to determine the location of approaching ships through the AIS (automatic identification) system integration
  • Automatic Pro-forma preparation and follow-up
  • Entry of ship trip information
  • Preparation of SP1 form
  • Crew (leaving, boarding and temporary technical crew) registration and follow-up transactions
  • Making various notifications on-line, through the information contained in the system (Harbor Entrance and Exit Notification, Waste Notification, Health Notification)
  • Follow-up of Ship Replenishment Transactions (Cigarettes, Fuel, Water, Food, etc.)
  • Price calculation transactions via tariffs (Automatic calculation of Light, Agency, Piloting Fee, etc.)
  • Automatic creation of invoice, receipt, set-off, etc. with regards to services provided.
  • Profit / Loss Report on the basis of trip/transit
  • Preparation of Statement of Facts (SOF) report on the basis of ship


 Documents/Reports Prepared

  • Pro-forma
  • SP1
  • Personnel Change – Transfer Petition
  • Criminal Record Check Petition
  • Airport Permit Petition
  • Visa Demand Form
  • Paint, Water, Fuel Petitions
  • Light Collection Form
  • Health Payment Form
  • Ship Boarding Control Form
  • Overtime Work Petition
  • Maritime Line Statement Form
  • General Statement
  • Ship Arrival Statement Petition
  • Entrance / Exit Room Fee Notification Form
  • Disbursement Account (DA)
  • Statement Of Account (SOA)
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