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Financial Management

  • Preparation of credit and debit invoices and receipts for the concerned parties depending on payment terms of Cargo
  • Current account follow-up (in foreign currency)
  • Automatic Current account closing (if desired, matching any credit and debit  operations either automatically by FIFO method or manually)
  • Follow-up with different types of foreign currency and automatic calculation of exchange difference
  • Advance Payment follow up (Drivers, captains, other   personnel)
  • Cash transactions follow up
  • Bank transactions follow up
  • Cheques and bonds follow up
  • Printing and follow up invoices, debit/credit notes and dispatch notes
  • Automatic generation of invoice, debit/credit notes in terms of explanation and prices  from the corresponding modules
  • Management of agent debit-credit relation
  • Integration with General Accounting module
  • Monitoring of security and guarantee information
  • Follow up of installment transactions
  • Sending or receiving purchase and sales invoices after the approval on the e-invoice system *
  • Aging report
  • Account statements for current accounts in foreign     currency
  • “Statement of account” report
  • Setoff transactions for current accounts in foreign        currency
  • Automatic generation of official reports such as Form BA/BS, etc.
  • Reporting of all entered records


* With e-invoice module



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