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Ship Line Agency

This module provides solution to ship line agencies which carry general cargo and containers.

  • Recording technical data of ships
  • Recording and tracking information about ship's voyage
  • Cargo follow up (position-based)
  • Planning
  • Creating cargo and b/l based cost and profit & loss follow up  
  • Cargo status, process and event tracking
  • Integration with container follow-up module (container load and unload)
  • Integration with summary declaration module (creating summary declaration with a single button)
  • Scanning the original documents such as, FBL, OBL, Shipping Instruction, invoice, and associating them with cargo or position and archiving them electronically. (*)
  • Associating any kind (word, excel, jpg, pdf etc.) of electronic cargo documents with the cargo and archiving them into electronically. (*)


*with e-archive module


Documents Printed

  • Loading List
  • Cargo Manifest
  • Cargo Manifest (total)
  • Ship cover page
  • Various forms of bill of lading
  • Notice of Ordino
  • Ordino
  • Ordino Sticker
  • Notice of Undrawn Containers
  • Special list for Shipowner’s Association
  • Discharge List


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